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SB20-050 Teacher Tax Credit

We need to put more money in the hands of Teachers. In fact, one of the campaign promises I made when running for Senate District 15 was to do just that.

67% of Coloradans believe that teachers are paid too low. Further, 83.6% of Democrats polled believe that teacher pay is too low. BUT, Democrat Senators don't seem to care what their constituents think. 

This bill had support from every district in Colorado. Yet is still failed. 

The Colorado Education Association (Colorado Teacher's Union) supported this bill. But it still failed.

It is sad that the Democrats couldn't reach across the aisle to compromise on a subject they say they believe in because it was a Republican-led bill.

I proposed this bill to help the teachers in our schools. The ones who are shaping our future generations.

These teachers do everything they can to help their students, including using their own hard-earned money for school supplies. Shouldn't we help the teachers with a tax credit for the money they use?

I think we should, but the Democrats do not.  


Rob Woodward
Colorado State Senator
Senate District 15