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Who's Standing With Rupert?

Tom Tancredo (R)

 US Representative CD 6

"I’m proudly supporting Rupert Parchment for State Senate District 23. Colorado needs Conservatives with a goal of Making Colorado Red Again. Rupert is the fresh voice of Conservatism needed at the Capital. He is rock solid on the 2nd Amendment, 100% ProLIFE, an advocate for Tax Reform, Pro Parental School/Medical  Choice & supports securing our US Southern Border.

There is no other choice but Rupert for me and I encourage like minded Conservatives to support and vote for him.”

Vicki Marble (R)

Current State Senator 23

"As the current State Senator, I do NOT take endorsements lightly. This time it is clear that Rupert Parchment is the best choice for State Senate District 23 and to make Colorado Red again. Rupert is an approachable, logical and strong Conservative who will hold true to our values & principles."

John Cooke (R)

State Senator 13

“We need Rupert at the State Capital.  He is strong on 2nd Amendment as well as a fighter for the Constitution. It’s way past time to drain the swamp. Rupert Parchment is the best choice to beat a Democrat in the General. Do us all a favor and vote for a staunch Conservative: Rupert Parchment. He's the only logical choice."

Patrick Neville (R)

House Minority Leader 45

"I support Rupert Parchment for the State Senate because he has proven his dedication to the community. Rupert has the know-how, the drive and the necessary skills to bring some much needed common sense into the State Capital while restoring Conservative Leadership."

Kristie Melendez

Former Mayor - Windsor, CO

"I believe Rupert Parchment would be a great addition to the Colorado State Assembly. A passionate conservative, he is a true statesmen and a true gentlemen with strong conviction for his political beliefs. His strength of character and his compassion for others is bar none and he would be a great asset for all in District 23."

Steve Humphrey (R)

Representative 48

"I worked alongside Rupert recently. With families were struggling grocery bills, Rupert saw the need and coordinated with local leaders to organize a food drive. He saw a problem & provided a logical solution without the Government’s help. Rupert doesn’t just talk about being a Conservative, he lives it."

Scott Renfroe (R)

Former State Senator

"Rupert Parchment is the obvious choice for Conservatives. I have no doubt he will be a Champion for our 2nd Amendment Rights and will fight to repeal Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws. The choice is quite easy & logical. Rupert stands the best chance to defeat a Democrat & win back control of Colorado."

Kevin Lundberg (R)

Former State Senator

"I wholeheartedly endorse Rupert Parchment because he is sound on Conservative principles like the Sanctity of Life, Limited Government and our inalienable freedoms granted to us by God."

Dave Schultheis (R)

Former State Senator

"I have no question Rupert Parchment knows how to respond to Government overeach and tsunami spending. He is a true Conservative. Rupert has my full support."